Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 1, 2015

Adam Levy

Bernie Kosberg wrote a column about our current DA for the Mahopac News.  If you have any doubt about why he is the better candidate for DA, you should read it.  The Putnam County Democratic Committee Chair has given Mr. Levy his personal endorsement.  For all you Democrats out there, you have the opportunity to make a difference in this election.  Mr. Tendy will never represent your interests.



  1. The biggest mistake the DEMs made this year was not endorsing Levy. For the life of me, I just don’t know where their leaders are coming from most of the time. They consistently fail to put up their own candidates or in this case to endorse someone who’s running against the Anti-Christ. Also a mistake was to let Tendy surrogate Jackie A. get all those lines on the ballot.

    Jackie Annabi is in an analogous position to that of forever Legislative counsel Clem Van Ross who for many years was consigliere for corrupt former Sen. Leibell. Even when Uncle Vinnie was sent off to prison, he kept his strong hand in the Ledge with Clem who has been unanimously elected dozens of times even though there are plenty of decent lawyers who could replace him. This scandalous behavior on the part of generations of legislators is something that is never mentioned by either side- for shame.

    Back to Put Valley- if elected, Jackie the sock puppet will perform the same function for puppet master Tendy who will no doubt be back to run again if he loses the DA race.

    • Lose or win, I believe Tendy will be gone. There has been some really shocking behavior from Annabi, Tendy, Gouldman, and Scannapieco. So much for putting public office before politics. Dirty politics while screaming about dirty politics. Yikes!

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