Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 31, 2015

Local Elections Directly Affect Your Quality of Life

Vote for Sam Oliverio, Cathy Hanson and me for Town Board.  You have to write my name in.

The Town Board will pass their budget the day after Election Day, after very little discussion.  They will override the tax cap.  They always do.  Your taxes will go up on January 1, 2016 because of this board.

This is a $12.783 million budget.

Fire is only going up 1.66%.

Highway is a 0% increase, with $71K taken from their fund balance.

District budgets are going up 10%.  Lake Peekskill is going up 8.07%.  Lake Oscawana is going up 7.39%.  Roaring Brook is going up 24.42%.

No tax increase was discussed at the final district budget meeting.  Secret meetings and secret deals have been the norm for this budget process, for this election process.  Secret Meet the Candidates meetings – you can’t get invited if you’re not in the cult.  Bullying and accusations. A Republican boycott of the public Lake Peekskill Meet the Candidates.  No debate on tape.  They only debate if they set the rules.

The garbage transfer station debacle.  Ms Annabi saying one thing, Mr. Tendy saying another.  Secret meetings.

Ms. Annabi saying that she doesn’t agree with Mr. Tendy on anything, then giving him her endorsement for DA.  She has faithfully supported her no-show Supe for 6 years.

The Reform Party, whose endorsement gave Ms. Annabi such pride, has a secret donor of $107,900.

A conviction on the Annabi/Tendy 2013 Independence petitions.  Tendy in court on his 2015 petitions.

And these legal issues are decided after the elections, and the elected officials are never held responsible.



  1. People are asleep at the wheel. Most residents are so hypnotized by their various screens that they have no idea what’s going on around them. The soccer mom mafia seems to have control over Facebook and other internet sites where candidates are posting. Nobody cares about free speech. I just got the Annabi mailer which is filled with self glorifying misinformation and half truths. How does she have the gall to say that Town Day is her “accomplishment” when it was just a way for her to use taxpayer money for free PR? I thought that was illegal.

    This town is bleeding money. Taxes are the BIGGEST issue, yet few talk about it on either side. Tendy the BIC has been responsible for years of cumulative increases so that now we have an unthinkable $12 million budget. Make no mistake about it- Jackie is just Tendy Lite. She is a place holder in case the bully doesn’t get elected DA. God help us.

    Every year it seems there are fewer people who really care about our town and who are willing to confront the wrong doers at meetings or elsewhere. I have no hope left with the current crop of residents who are so addicted to their screens that they are totally oblivious to the destruction of their town. Maybe they will notice when they get evicted for not being able to pay their mortgage and taxes.

    • That mailer was really unbelievable. She started the oil co-op??? The website is better??? Improved communication???Not political???It looks like she makes everything into politics.

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