Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 29, 2015

I am wondering why it is that the Lake Peekskill budget hasn’t gone down by $15,000.  Our community has been stuck with the cost of the garbage transfer station for years of the Tendy/Annabi regime.  The transfer station lease was reduced from the $40K cost that Ms. Annabi quoted to $25,000.  Since they are crowing about their accomplishment, since Jackie was bragging that she would get rid of it altogether, since it is being used for garbage other than Lake Peekskill’s, and since the Lake Peekskill community is still stuck with the cost, I wondering why the reduction wasn’t taken out of that district budget.  We are looking at an 8% budget increase, even though Jackie was telling us that we had lots of money in fund balance when she was selling the last lake report to residents.  That was the $14.5K, just in case I haven’t mentioned that enough.

With Jackie’s list of what she hopes to accomplish, I am wondering why she wasn’t doing any of that for the last 6 years.

“Getting things done” – What things????



  1. Getting things done. What things?
    – Facebook pages. Lots and lots of Facebook pages.
    – Giving away District property. She allowed her friends to use the Lake Peekskill Community Center for free on at least 3 occasions. Regular people have to pay a rental fee, prove that they have insurance, and leave a security deposit. Not Jackie’s friends.
    – Authorizing the use of District property for profit. Jackie has allowed her friends, supporters and her running mate to use the Lake Peekskill parking lot to sell their flea market items. Her running mate and her friends blocked access to handicapped parking spots during morning business hours – when the Post Office and Temple were open – and throughout the afternoon. Jackie did not require any compensation to the District.
    – Encouraged residents to harass Town and District employees. At one point in the summer, Jackie encouraged residents to call town and district employees multiple times a day to complain about snails and goose droppings. Residents, acting at Jackie’s direction, called Town Hall employees on weekends and after hours and they harassed the lifeguards to a point that one refused to show up for work.

    And that’s a sample of what she has done during 1 summer.

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