Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 21, 2015

more garbage

misinformation????  Did Bob-O actually read the stuff that Jackie sent out about the transfer station?  Wendy did report that they were rethinking, but Jackie posted her numbers on the transfer station after boycotting the Lake Peekskill Meet the Candidates.  She was in on the secret meetings and the Tendy temper tantrums and banging of fists.  I guess one of the advantages to back room meetings is that you can pretend none of it happened.

$25k for the transfer station, only 1 acre now.  There is still a problem.  Bob-O is still going to let Lake Peekskill foot the bill.

The budget being discussed tonight is posted in agenda documents on the town website.  They were talking about a $12.796 million dollar budget going in.



  1. She posted her thoughts and opinions on one of her many, many Facebook pages. This one was set up to alert residents to important issues and information, like where dry ice will be available during a power outage. At least that is what she said when it was the popular thing to say. Now the pager is more about pandering. Check it out for yourself: Pv411 Alerts

  2. She posted the SPCA event tonight a bit late, and not even on the 411 page. Too bad. Everything seems to be falling apart.

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