Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 20, 2015

It’s not my job….

That seemed to be Jackie’s last argument about purportedly not telling her compatriots about the Lake Peekskill event last night.  Her story has changed moment to moment, so it is hard to know what was true.  She can no longer get away with not having known about the event, and never one to accept responsibility, she has now said that she is the Town Board liaison to the community, not the political liaison.  I have taken that to mean that after the many announcements since May that there would be a Meet the Candidates at the October meeting (displaced by Columbus), she was under no obligation to tell her fellow Republicans. It just wasn’t her job.  Of course, as TB liaison, it is not her responsibility to attend civic association meetings, as those meetings are for the community, and not affiliated with the town.

You may understand why the civic association members believed that the Republicans were informed, since they certainly said it enough times, and since it is a tradition.

When the flyer was designed, I am assuming by Paula Muniak, Agnes Powe was asked to post it.  She did, with a note that said she was asked to post it.  Why wouldn’t she? Then she started getting nasty phone calls.  So did Ted and Paula.  From Jackie, and Bill Gouldman.  Take down that poster.  Three of our candidates can’t make it.  We weren’t consulted.  The bullying worked and the poster was removed, but the thing about the internet is that posts have an afterlife, and it was already in the public realm.  So the poster persisted.  The LPCA executive committee decided to hold their event.

I have no idea if three candidates could not make it, or if this was just a stupid power play on the part of the Republicans, on Bill Gouldman’s part, or on Jackie’s part.  I haven’t heard from anyone who heard anything from the boys or Ellen.  They all looked bad. They treated a small community badly, for no real reason.

Funny, Jackie’s other objection was that this event has not been held for 4 years.   It is held for local candidates. Two years ago, the powers that be colluded and put up a slate with no choice at all.  I petitioned and spoiled that, but there were no meetings or debates that would give my campaign any help.  The Putnam Chamber of Commerce held their event, and I was invited to that.  And 3 years ago, Louie ran unopposed.  That shouldn’t have happened, but that is a different issue. So should there have been a meeting to let everyone know that they had no choice?  Maybe so.

It does seem that Jackie was available.  She was texting her all evening to someone who made Jackie’s comments for her and gave Jackie credit for finding the flaw in the library budget calculation.  Wasn’t the 1000% Jackie’s calculation?  She’s not so good with arithmetic. We can discuss that with the garbage issue.

Oh, and they are all Democrats.  Jackie seems to see Democrats crawling out of the woodwork.  She should see someone about that.

Is it really the case that any time Sam Oliverio or Priscilla Keresey make a statement, they have to disclose their relationship?  In order to express an opinion, or do anything, a woman has to announce any relationship they have with a man?  Seems a little Scarlet Letter to me.  Perhaps we should go back to that.

The Meet the Candidates was a good event.  It was run well.  I believe that Bob Herbst, Candace and Agnes Powe decorated the center with a patriotic theme.  Agnes and Candace provided the refreshments.  Questions were written on index cards and asked without censorship.  If there were two or more questions on a topic. Gordon Murray, the moderator, asked them at the same time.  And the floor was open at the end.  Transparency and accessibility were the hallmarks of the evening.  A distinct contrast with the Republican behavior, and the mood of the Tendy/Annabi administration.

Respect for Lake Peekskill and its residents was what mattered to me most.  Our community has been buffeted about by Tendy and friends.  This was a welcome change.


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