Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 20, 2015

Garbage Update

Jackie says they will discuss garbage and the transfer station tomorrow night at the Town Board meeting.  A garbage transfer station is where they transfer garbage from a truck to another truck or a container or a compactor.  A DEC permit is required.

Lake Peekskill has its own garbage pickup, its own trucks, its own crew, and they take the garbage to the transfer station.  The other districts contract out for garbage pickup.  They used to use the transfer station also.  Tendy changed that.

Out of districts, the resident contract with private haulers.

Currently, AAA does district pickup, transfer station pickup, and some private pickup, but there is a bid process every year..

Wheelabrator is the garbage facility in Peekskill.

Lake Peekskill got a new garbage truck a couple of years ago.  They also use a smaller truck for the narrow streets.  They can take that small truck directly to the transfer station and unload it. If they go directly to Wheelabrator, they can only take the big truck.

The cost of the transfer station lease is $40k/ year right now.  The Town Board was pretty set on closing it, but last night, Councilwoman Whetsel reported that they were reconsidering.  Reportedly, a former Councilman got involved, and that seems to have had some impact.

Councilwoman Annabi still seems set on closing it.  She cites the $40k and the $79/ton versus the $92/ton that AAA would charge us.

There have been reports that AAA has used the transfer station to transfer other district garbage.  If the $40K were a town expense that would not be an issue.  There have also been reports of e-waste at the transfer station.  I believe that would be an issue even if the town were paying for the lease.

There have also been reports of garbage being transferred on streets to larger trucks.  That problem would increase without the transfer station, and it is illegal.  That is the point of a transfer station.

From research outside of this community, wait times are reported as an hour outside of Wheelabrator, and 2 hours inside Wheelabrator for the whole process. From Lake Peekskill, there would also be the trip to and from the facility.

The transfer station takes up 1/2 acre on the Orlando property.  The town (for Lake Peekskill) leases 2 acres.  A recycling facility would fit on the property.  Wheelabrator uses a single process recycling.  They collect the waste together and separate it by machine.  The recycling process is more energy intense on the processing end than if residents separate their garbage.  For those who believe that residents can’t separate, this is a better process.  For those who believe that residents can separate, and that the more efficient process should be used, a recycling facility is the way to go.

I hope I have covered it all.

Tomorrow night is the first open discussion on this topic.  I don’t see any justification for the secret discussions.


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