Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 11, 2015

Strange Bedfellows and all

I guess that Ms. Annabi overexaggerated the division between her and Tendy.  It seems that the Republicans are one big, happy family now that they think Tendy will be our next DA.  He could be.  Primaries are such strange events.  I think I saw that it was an 11% turnout of registered Republicans, and out of that, Mr, Tendy received about 266 more votes that the incumbent DA.  But all it takes is 1.  Sad to think that the nasty politics always win here.  They have certainly harmed Mr. Levy.

Mathematically, the Republicans who are not Tendy fans, the Independence Party members, the Conservatives, the Democrats, and the unaffiliated voters could put Levy over the top easily.  There is no doubt, though, that a major party line, especially Republican, in Putnam County, is a big leg up.  So Annabi et al are playing those odds.  Since Louie changed his party affiliation to be closer to Tendy, and Steve abandoned his long Democratic ties, they must believe that their fortunes lie with Tendy.

I guess there is no point in discussing all those aberrant political petitions, and I noticed that Tendy figured out how to do his campaign financial filings after hearing from Ms. Sugarman’s office.  He has a Suffolk County consultant  and printer, and he contributed $10,500 to his own primary campaign.  There was also a payment to Brain Trust Productions, the company of a town employee.



  1. Weird status thrills abound in the current election cycle, not the least of which is the number of presumably REP voters who have Oliverio signs mixed in with their LOUIESTEVEELLEN displays. I still bet my money on Sam O in this race for the simple reason that he has proven to be PV’s most popular politician in about the last 20 years or so. Ever popular with the Soccer Mom Mafia that Jackie tries to court and lays claim to, SamO has done more for most of the kids in very real ways, things like helping to keep some of them out of jail, than Jackie can even pay lip service to doing.

    The thought of Tendy the BIC wielding power as DA is positively terrifying and I can’t believe that Judge Judy’s son has made so many errors in his campaign that he allowed BIC to win the primary. Advice to Adam- never underestimate your enemy! Also, and here’s a prime example, why is it that Dawn has taken the time to research the petitions to find the GLARING CONFLICT OF INTEREST and not one of Levy’s staff?? This is just what I’m talking about!

    The biggest tragedy of all is that people like Dawn and myself will never be able to get past La Machine in order to make a successful run for office. Integrity doesn’t count. Knowledge and experience ditto.

    All that matters is that you are willing to kiss the ring and swear allegiance to a low life moron like B. Gouldman and every other party war lord who can get you elected.

    By the way- Sherry Howard has a lot to answer for. I am very surprised that with her skeletons and incompetence, the DEMS still decided to put her up against the very talented and worthy Ellen Hayes who really deserves to get the job. But more on that later.

  2. Is that the same Ellen Hayes who, for most of a Saturday, blocked access to Handicapped parking in the Lake Peekskill Parking lot so she could campaign under the guise if selling painted wood and dried herbs. Her running mate, Ms. Annabi approved the use of District Property for campaigning and for profit. That seems wrong, doesn’t it?

    • Of course!

    • Cont’d (don’t know what happened with this post)

      Was it wrong for Ellen Hayes to use a handicap spot for her flea market booth? I guess so, but why didn’t anyone give her a ticket or a warning that she shouldn’t be there? Besides, that has nothing to do with her qualifications which are substantial. Unlike Sherry who got the nod because she’s one of the Good Ole Gals, Ellen is an experienced professional and she actually knows how to the job of town clerk. Sherry can’t even keep the lifeguard time sheet records straight, so imagine how she would handle all the documents and FOIL requests she’d have as clerk.

      Jackie has been shamelessly using taxpayer money for her never ending campaigns by being the producer of Town Day. All of the good PR she gets all year long is free advertising paid for by the rest of us. Instead of using a political hack, it would be cheaper for the town to hire a professional event planner. There are many of them out there who do great work who’d love the job.

  3. Oh, please! Anyone with a smidge of common sense knows to not block a handicapped parking spot. Why was she not ticketed or warned? Ask Ms. Annabi. While you are at it, ask Ms. Annabi where she derived the authority to unilaterally A) approve the use of District property for a flea market, B) allow private citizens charging a fee to use District property for a flea market, C) allow the use of District property to make a profit, D) allow her friend and running mate to campaign on District property, and, E) refuse to demand any compensation to the District for the use of District property.
    By the way, the PCSD was called and apparently did nothing to remedy the obstruction of access to handicapped parking spots.
    Abuse of power is the norm in this administration, with no accountability and no public process.

  4. Please don’t think I approve of this or don’t agree that Annabi & Co are out of control. Since LP seems to be constantly getting screwed, how is it that there’s not more outrage among those taxpayers?

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