Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 4, 2015

Site Disturbance on Oscawana Lake Dr.

Firstly, there are 3 oil trucks at Fowler Fuel, the former Perosky property.

Way back when, Maple Leaf Associates bought the property next door, they went to the PB with a controversial approval to park landscaping equipment there, at the entrance to Lake Peekskilll, on the wetlands, on a major route, Oscawana Lake Road.  It wasn’t very popular, by politics being what it is, they got an approval.  Before he left, Mr. Zutt said something about they had met none of the conditions of the approval, so that was done.

With the stone wall, and significant level of disturbance, it doesn’t seem quite as done as Mr. Zutt said.  The county site still lists the property as owned by Maple Leaf.  There have been no new discussions about it on the last 3 planning and Town Board agendas.  I heard no discussion at the Town Board prior to May, my blackout date.




  1. Are the oil trucks empty? Jackie said they promised that the trucks would be empty.
    Bob said that he didn’t care what the law said, he wasn’t going to deny a small family business the right to park their trucks.

    Say, does Tompkins Landscaping still fuel their trucks on site?

  2. Not caring what the law says seems to be a basic rule for Tendy. As Supe, he did what he wanted. He plans to do the same as DA.

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