Posted by: Dawn Powell | September 23, 2015

Lake Peekskill’s Garbage Secrets

I still don’t know why it’s supposed to be a secret or why Ms. Annabi is very angry that it is not, but I did find out why I couldn’t find the transfer station in the Lake Peekskill budget. Since the transfer station is leased by the town, the cost, which is now solely borne by Lake Peekskill, is included in the sanitation amount, which also includes AAA. The transfer station lease is up to $40k/year. The garbage pick-up amount from the transfer station goes out to bid, but under Bob-O, it is assumed to be triple A. Since the cat is well out of the garbage bag, a public discussion would be in order.

So, our LPID guys could use either or both of our trucks to bring garbage to Wheelabrator. The trucks have to bear a Westchester County Solid Waste Hauler License. The application to Westchester is about $4,000 and then there is an annual flat fee of $1,000.00 per truck.

The way it is now, LPID brings garbage to the transfer station, it is compacted and AAA Carting picks up the full container and brings it to Wheelabrator.

If the town gives up the Orlando transfer station, it is hard to imagine that they would ever get it back. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen, only that it should be a carefully considered public decision.

§ The wait time to get in to Wheelabrator can sometimes be up to an hour, depending on the day of the week.

§ It’s about 7-8 miles from Lake Peekskill to Wheelabrator in Peekskill, so even with no wait time upon arrival, the travel time is at least 30 minutes round-trip.

§ Currently, the LPID crew uses the full-size garbage truck on most of the routes and they use the dump truck on narrow roads, like Circle, Harper, etc. The dump truck goes to the transfer station 3 or 4 times each pick-up day, and the large garbage truck goes once.

§ Currently, the LPID crew uses the dump truck to pick up miscellaneous garbage whenever they get a call (from JA) that something has been left curbside, or illegally dumped, or a foreclosed house has junk outside. The LPID guys pick up whatever it is and dump it at the transfer station on an as needed basis.

§ Currently, there is a $120,000.00 line in the LPID budget for Solid Waste Disposal. That line includes the fees paid to the Orlandos and the fees paid to AAA.

§ The alleged contract with Wheelabrator is all “hush, hush”, , though Jackie said $71/ ton, $10/ton less than we are now paying, and there is rumor of a contract as well as a bid for hauling garbage from the transfer station. This contract was mentioned on facebook, and by someone who is out of town. I don’t know how the out of towner found out, but the mention of it seems to bring on waves anger equal to those that Bob-O has always displayed.

§ The Solid Waste Disposal line was not discussed at the final district budget meeting. It was not on the Town Board agenda for the “regular meeting” and the agenda was not amended to discuss it. I seem to recall an authorization to go out to bid for pick-up from the transfer station.

Replacement of LPID’s smaller truck was discussed at the final budget meeting, but Jackie says we only need one truck. I don’t understand how that would work.

I don’t understand how we would be saving money with this. I would like to get rid of the transfer station lease, especially now that Lake Peekskill pays for it alone, but if it won’t save us money, and it will decrease services, then perhaps I need to re-think. Or perhaps someone else does.



  1. I must say that I’ve never been able to understand the mysteries of District garbage pickup, especially as it pertains to LP. How did LP ever get stuck with paying for the Orlando Boondoggle, oops, I mean transfer station?

    Also, because I live in an improvement district, the cost of my garbage pickup is based on the assessed value of my house, not on how much garbage I produce. So there’s no reward for anyone who tries to reduce the amount of garbage they produce and no penalty for those who produce more than anyone else. Like everything else in this town, it doesn’t make much sense.

  2. I don’t understand the justification for the tier system in Lake Oscawana. It would seem that any added value from being lakefront would be accounted for in the market value assessment. That would mean that there would already be a higher cost for services, so why should there be an additional higher cost for something like garbage?

    Tendy decided that the other districts didn’t have to use the transfer station. Until then, bids from haulers had to haul from there. From what he said, AAA didn’t want to pick up in Lake Peekskill, so the transfer station is only used by LP. It seems that under Tendy, AAA is the only hauler that puts in bids, and the only hauler he consults with. I would think they are upset with the talk of a new contract.

    Is there a way to find out if the info on Tendy’s tax arrears is accurate?

  3. Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead! Well, I guess it worked then. I’m not so sure about now. It doesn’t seem that anything said in the budget meeting was real. There will probably be no new truck right now. Does all of this mean that Bob-O is having Jackie do the budget? Shouldn’t there be some discussion with the Lake Peekskill community about garbage and budget issues that will affect us very soon?

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