Posted by: Dawn Powell | September 19, 2015


I was looking for the transfer station in the 2016 Lake Peekskill budget.  I didn’t find it, but I did discover that it has been a hot topic of debate, without any public discussion.  For several years, the current Town Board members all voted to shift the full cost to Lake Peekskill, while in the past it was shared by all the districts.

Now that Lake Peekskill has  a fairly new garbage truck, the topic was raised at last year’s budget meetings that perhaps we should look into taking the garbage directly into Peekskill.  Jackie wouldn’t consider it last year and dropped the ball on it.  Amidst the many rumors flying is that Steve McKay is pushing to have the LP garbage taken to Peekskill. 

Since Steve and Jackie were both at the budget meetings, one has to wonder why this topic was not discussed.  It was mentioned that the smaller LP truck would have to be replaced.  The LP crew has to use the smaller truck for narrower streets, especially in the winter. 

Why isn’t this a public discussion?  Why aren’t the comparative costs being brought into public view?  Is everything in this town a political opportunity?  They will unveil their backroom deals only when they believe it will get them votes?

There is some concern that if we let the transfer station DEC permit go, we will never get it back again.  So why aren’t we talking about all the costs for each option? Since it will be an irrevocable decision, shouldn’t we understand all the options?

Someone pointed out to me that there is another option.  Going out to bid for our garbage district.


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