Posted by: Dawn Powell | September 7, 2015

Big Week

Wow!  It started off with one of the most tasteless political mailings that I have seen in Putnam Valley.  Way to go Tendy – tasteless, offensive and unprofessional.  Just what one wants in a DA candidate.

I have looked at Tendy’s petitions.  It would be unbelievable that he defended them in court, but that seems to be a Putnam Valley tradition by now.

Saturday – final district budget meeting
Saturday and Sunday – the great Lake Peekskill tag sale
preparation for Lake Peekskill bulk pickup
Rosh Hashana



  1. Today is primary day and I think that when the BIC Tendy loses, it will be the end of what’s left of his political career. Like I said at the meeting, his destructive behavior is very much akin to an illegal alien who “self deports”. Hard to believe that he was either so arrogant, so stupid or both that he thought he could take on the Judge’s son and all that money. There are many people I talk to who don’t like Levy at all but who are going to hold their nose and vote for him as a message to BIC. Since there are no term limits in PV I was afraid that we would have Tendy as Dictator for Life but instead he chose to roll the dice in the crooked casino that is local politics. I doubt that he will ever again in his lifetime hold a job where he had so much money and power for doing virtually nothing except wreaking havoc and destruction on our town. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I see a dark cloud lifting from the Valley.

  2. To say I was shocked that Tendy won is an understatement. The only good thing is that it shows money isn’t everything when it comes to getting elected. Hard to believe that even with unlimited money, Levy still couldn’t win. In my estimation, the two things that killed it for Levy were the Hossu debacle and his feud with Sheriff Smith. Tendy made no bones that he supports the Sheriff and one can only imagine how Smith may have used his power and influence in the County and elsewhere to help the BIC win the primary. In any case, even if Levy can win the general which is doubtful without the REP line, we are still getting rid of the Bully in Chief so I will count my blessings.

    • 266 votes and on a platform of ‘integrity’ yet! I guess there won’t be much enforcement on petition misconduct and fraud. And yes, it will be nice that he won’t be in Putnam Valley.

  3. Hard to believe his supporters are so stupid.

  4. I’ve seen Levy around, pressing the flesh, trying to drum up votes. In person he is much more like-able than his ads. Certainly way more pleasant than the Bully in Chief. Without the REP line, I don’t know if it’s possible to win in this county unless maybe the Dems will vote for him on another line (IND?) as an anti REP Vote. Levy would have a better chance if people could actually see Tendy in action at one of our TB meetings in one of his tirades of rudeness and arrogance.

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