Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 11, 2015


Let me go back one step.  For the many people who do not participate in the process, petitions are the way that candidates get on the ballot, not endorsements, not the votes of a few people sitting in a room, but by petitions.  Petitions are a representation of the voters that a candidate should be on the ballot..Members of a party or notaries go to voters and get their signatures, so that there can be an election, so that you can have a choice.  The Putnam Valley Conservative Party does not use this process, but the other parties do.  This is the first basic step in democracy.

There have been some odd comments about the petitions misconduct this year and in 2013. I was one of the people who challenged the Republican and Independence petitions that year. This year I have not yet FOILed or looked at their petitions, but there have been ongoing legal problems with some of them. In 2013, the Annabi Independence petitions had already been thrown out by the Board of Elections when my objections were ruled on, and the ruling was that they had already been thrown out.

So why was Ms. Annabi on that line? And why were Tendy’s petitions not thrown out?

What the voters need to understand is that if the petitions and nomination process is corrupted, then there is no democracy. If there is no integrity in the basis for the process, then there is no democracy.

There was a petition misdemeanor conviction in these petitions long after the election, but the candidates had already run and had already been installed in office. Ms Annabi posted on facebook at the time that I was trying to get her knocked off the ballot for political reasons, minimizing the faulty petitions and the moral, ethical and legal lapses involved. Perhaps I considered the illegal process to be of more importance than she. Both Mr. Tendy and Ms. Annabi told investigators and the press that they knew nothing about the faulty petitions, but long before the investigation, I had sent multiple certified letters to them both,signed for most of them. They were both elected officials. Didn’t they have some obligation, some responsibility at that point – legal, moral, ethical?

After a conviction on those petitions, wouldn’t you think that the Westchester Independence Party would think again before endorsing the same players?

Isn’t Mr. Tendy’s current predicament predictable given past history?

Wouldn’t some cynicism be in order regarding our current elected officials?



  1. Of course you are 100% correct but the problem is twofold: one, most of the voters are so apathetic and ill informed that they should be disqualified themselves; two, the entire system in Westchester and Putnam, from the judges to the BOE to the candidates themselves, has been corrupted. Even when you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that fraud has been committed, the judge will nod and wink and let it slide. So the wrong doing is just compounded year after year.

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