Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 9, 2015

And Putnam Examiner on Tendy’s petitions

163 of Tendy’s petition signatures were thrown out by the Board of Elections.  52 were thrown out by Judge Lubell.  To remain on the ballot, Tendy needs 1054.  Heading to the appellate division, he has 1189.  I have not FOILed his petitions this year or the signatures thrown out and the reasons for those disqualifications.  It is public information.



  1. All of these articles are about the arrogance and clinical narcissism of the Bully in Chief. Only an arrogant fool would believe he can get away with strong arming a Sheriff’s deputy or even the current DA Mr. Levy who has more money than God when it comes to his campaign, courtesy of his mom Judge Judy. Narcissism comes in when it comes to the idea that the BIC is so popular all over the County that he can survive what’s become a brutal primary. Very few people, even eligible party members come out to vote and those that do are invariably loyal to the incumbent, regardless of their alleged “sins”. Mr. Levy long ago dealt with all the mud the BIC threw at him and tossed it right back in his face with these latest revelations.

    Here’s the burning question of the day, and I defy anyone who reads this to answer: IF TENDY WAS NOT GUILTY OF INTERFERING WITH HIS GF’S ARREST, THEN WHY DIDN’T HE SUE LOHUD AND ALL THE OTHER MEDIA WHO REPORTED THE STORY?? He is a lawyer, it costs him nothing. So why not simply sue for libel, slander and defamation as we have seen his former partner do on many occasions?

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