Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 5, 2015


The referendum is just to get more money?  A yes or no vote?

It is an evil Democratic plot to get Jackie Annabi elected? Some of her supporters want to close the library????

Really, what is going on?



  1. The library issue and the way it’s being played out is vintage Put Valley politics. Behind the very confusing mess that’s been created by Priscilla and Jackie, the reality is that the library board and their supporters want to create a permanent tax on the residents of PV. If this 414 referendum is approved, that means that from this November to eternity, we will be forced to give the library a minimum of $450,000 a year, whether they need it, can justify the need or not. The only way this amount can be raised or lowered is for the library to go through this same petition process again. As Priscilla said at the meeting, there’s virtually no chance that they will ever ASK for a decrease! Just increases. Do you really want to give the library board, whoever they may be, that kind of power?

    Personally, even though it’s not the greatest, I would rather let the current system remain, that is, let the town board continue to decide how much the library gets each year as has always been done. At least the town board members are elected and re-elected by the entire town; we have a better shot at accountability with that body than with the library board who have no clue about how fiscal accountability.

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