Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 19, 2015

I’m glad to know that we no longer have town beaches

but I really don’t get any of this.  I would think that in an election year, we could expect something somewhere.  I went to the website today to look at Mr. Lubnow’s report on Lake Peekskill.  He is from Princeton Hydro.  I was going to look at the missing tables, but the tables are still missing.  Ms Annabi and Mr Tendy annointed two of their fans to speak for the community (I’m not sure how that works), and one of them requested the tables from Mr. Lubnow, because apparently they can communicate directly with a town contractor.  Those were posted on the save lake peekskill facebook group, which is now a closed group, and not on the town website that I could find.  It isn’t so easy to find the report, which is under Lake Peekskill water, not district documents, even though Ms. Annabi has taken pains to make the website more user friendly for the districts.  The 2014 report on the website is actually a 2000 report.  On the user friendly portion, now at least not identifying our district beaches as town beaches, it has the names and addresses of all the district beaches and the hours.  The hours are nice, but do I really need the addreses?  Does any district resident need that after they have been here for more than 2 weeks?  maybe a week and a half?  Is this the information that district residents want at their fingertips?  And the phone number of the health department?  Are we supposed to call them to find out what is happening at the beaches?  Huh?

Perhaps I am missing something.

It is July, a year after the toxic blue-green algae in my lake.  There is blue-green algae in another lake.  These lakes have been studied and studied for years, and nothing has happened except for another $14.5K study, that doesn’t even include the tables that were cited.  The 2 Tendy/Annabi fans wanted to spend the money for this most recent study.  I have no idea why they wanted to spend the money.  And the idea I have heard circulated for solving the problem with the lake is a pumpout law for the lakefront houses. And the second idea is killing the geese and feeding them to the homeless.  Really, I am incredulous.

There is a letter to Mr. Lubnow posted on the Lake Peekskill Civic Association facebook page with questions for him to answer when he comes on Thursday.  Really, I’d prefer to ask my own questions.

On the district lake page with the addresses and hours, it notes that Spur Beach is still closed.  This has been going on for all of Bob-O’s tenure.  And the only defense Bob-O has offered is that the Health Department Commissioner is at fault for wanting the beach to be safe to be reopened.

If you want something done, I don’t see how you can count on this Town Board to do it. If they can’t do anything in an election year, it’s doubtful that they can ever do anything.

The district meeting is Thursday at 7PM at Town Hall.  It should be a kick.

Adopt cats.  Save sea turtles.




  1. The Tendy / Annabi fans were not appointed by Tendy or Annabi. They are self-appointed. Though they were Christened by Tendy’s gushing accolades which were warrantless and embarrassing, and they currently have the adulation of Ms. Annabi.

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