Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 28, 2015

Ask Sue Serino to support NY S1081 – 2015

Increase funding for cat population control.

The New York State Animal Population Control Program serves Upstate and Long Island, providing grants to local governments and eligible not-for-profit organizations for low-cost, low-income spay/neuter initiatives and services directly related to such programs. Operated by the ASPCA at no cost to the state, the APCP funds viable, effective and high-impact programs each year to help communities manage homeless animal populations and serve areas of great need, as well as projects reaching more remote and less served populations.

Unfortunately, the APCP does not provide sufficient authority to award grants for the management of “Trap-Neuter-Return” or “TNR” feral cat programs. As the only proven humane and effective method to manage feral cat colonies, these systems can have enormous value to a community. At least 15 other state-sponsored animal population control programs – including those in Massachusetts, Rhode Island. Connecticut and Delaware – authorize the use of spay/neuter funds to cover the costs of viable TNR programs.


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