Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 1, 2015

repaving and well tests

Jackie says they have to pave the parking lot in Lake Peekskill and it will cost a lot of money. Don’t I remember her saying how much money Lake Peekskill had? They can’t do a permeable lot because Jackie believes it can’t be plowed. Now that Bob-O, that is Tendy, has come out and said that alleged perpetrators have to pay for well tests in case there is alleged pollution, wouldn’t that mean that when the town puts more petrochemicals on that lot, that the Town Board members and the town will have to pay for well tests for the people who live in that vicinity? And if there is pollution to the lake, since it is close to the lake, wouldn’t we all be able to sue them?

Or is that just one of Bob-O’s (Tendy’s) legal inconsistencies?

It must be election season. Steve and Louie went to an LP district meeting, after 3 1/2 years!

Adopt cats. Save sea turtles.



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