Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 25, 2015

I hear….

that there was more to the last town board meeting than the poor political show. Actual substance.

Tom Carano was there talking about the latest bad idea in incentive zoning – a cemetery, not allowed in our code. I hear he spoke well. I hear that Wendy Whetsel did too.

And Dr. Allen Beals, our Putnam County Department of Health Commissioner, was there talking about his clash with Tendy about the Roaring Brook beach that Tendy couldn’t get right and what appears to be subsequent retaliation.

And the article in the Putnam Daily Voice about Tendy’s letter to the judge about Vinnie Leibell, doesn’t say who the Patterson Republicans are who are supporting Tendy.

Adopt cats. Save sea turtles.

Save the coyotes too. They are protecting their pups right now, so give them lots of space should you encounter any. And check out Maggie Howell of the Wolf Conservation Center on the subject of coyotes.



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