Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 17, 2015

Tendy says he was lied to and stupid

Or rather he says it again.  There was another article about his now famous letter to the judge asking for leniency for Leibell.  This one was in the Putnam Examiner.  I imagine that Tendy thinks we will forget about it by November (or September), so he should deal with it now.  It really is a classic.  After Vinnie had entered his guilty plea, before sentencing, Bob-O says he was lied to, and did something stupid.  Wouldn’t you think that a criminal attorney who had his sights on the DA’s office would know better?

“…it was a dumb thing to do.” – BT.  Ya think Bob?

He ended his letter with “Others may differ, but they are wrong.”  Vintage Tendy.



  1. The truth is that Tendy is either stupid or a liar himself. He is trying to backtrack on something he did that was an act of supreme arrogance. He knows the nuances of the English language better than most people as he is a wordsmith by trade. Not to mention that he’s been in the dirty world of local politics for many years and of course knew better. You think he would have ever tried to walk back that letter if he wasn’t running for DA? Of course not. Meanwhile, Leibell will continue to extract over $5000 per month from the tax slaves who will be paying his pension till he drops dead. Truly there is no justice in the State of NY.

    • Tendy didn’t have plans to run for DA back then? Did he have some expectation in return for writing that letter? Isn’t that how Tendy/Leibell politics works?

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