Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 15, 2015

Plans for Parks and Recreation

Amid the unrelenting politics at the last irregular meeting and the last 2 Town Board meetings and planned for the next meeting, Parks and Recreation will unveil their latest.  Can’t wait.

Steve and O definitely won the politics at the work session.  When Bob-O finally stopped his unbearable pontificating and the Board got down to business, they talked about the lifeguards at the beaches and the Lake Peekskill connection to the NYC aqueduct.  Bob-O thinks that we have to guarantee the lifeguards a job for the whole summer, or we will be unable to find lifeguards.  They were paid for last summer by the districts where beaches were closed, even if they were working somewhere else, so it doesn’t seem like much of an issue, but you can count on Bob-O to keep that sort of thing going.  One would think that Steve knows a bit about lifeguards.  But Bob-O argued with him anyway.  They are planning to utilize their skills elsewhere if beaches are closed; they just don’t know where.

Steve says it will be no problem hiring lifeguards.  It does seem that they hire whoever was hired last year, plus some employees’ kids if they run out.  Steve says that lifeguards are all trained by the Red Cross, and that even if we have training in Putnam Valley, it can’t be that extensive.  Bob-O says that the county requires certain training for 3 weeks.  He back pedaled on the 3 weeks, but it is amazing that he can’t back down.

He also raised the issue of demolition of the building housing the Lake Peekskill water connection to the NYC aqueduct.  When the summer water connection was shut down, the access and building remained.  Bob says the city wants it demolished and the district will have to pay for it, but he wants to look into what the agreement was.  This is not the first time this has been mentioned, and I would have thought he would have looked into the paperwork by now.  But Sam O was there, and he remembers when the Board connected into the aqueduct.  He says that  the building was already there and the property and the building belong to the city.  Bob-O acknowledged that the property belongs to the city, but doesn’t know what the agreement was.  JA piped in with the district shouldn’t have to pay, and perhaps that was the point of the exercise, that JA looks like she is trying to protect the district.  It didn’t come off that way. Sam O looked professional and informed. Bob-O didn’t.  JA seemed irritated that Sam O is disturbing the status quo.  It doesn’t look like anyone will break ranks to challenge Sam O or JA for Supe.  It would seem like Sam O’s race. JA may be hardpressed to work with him as Supe.

The candidates for Board are beginning to appear, and if the town is ready for a little change, I wonder whether it will be Steve or Louie who survives.

Adopt cats. Save sea turtles.



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