Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 10, 2015

Sentencing Scheduled

The sentencing is scheduled tonight for the petition misconduct on the 2013 Tendy/Annabi petitions and Ms. Annabi has announced her candidacy for Supervisor.  Yikes!

Her brother’s firm represented the defendant in the case, the same lawyer who took the Annabi petitions into court, on Ms. Annabi’s behalf, to have them reinstated when the Board of Elections disqualified them.

Now, Ms. Annabi is the paid liaison to State Senator Sue Serino, as well as Councilwoman and Deputy Supervisor, and candidate for Supervisor.

That’s Putnam for you.




  1. It looks the Spawn of Tendy, aka Jackie A. has turned out to be worse than her mentor. in many ways. Certainly her stupidity and political ambition are boundless. It is truly frightening that someone like Jackie has gotten as far as she has thanks to the uncaring voters of Put Valley. Besides being a successful liar, I cannot think of ONE accomplishment she can post to her resume other than carrying the water for the county GOP all these years and being the most loyal of the BIC’s soldiers throughout the years. Jackie doesn’t even try to hide her cynicism in carrying out even the most heinous tasks that Tendy assigns her and I sincerely hope that SamO does not take anything for granted in the upcoming supervisor’s election. Hard to believe that this fast talking, no nothing sleazy politician is going to give him a run for his money. She has fooled a lot of people or so it seems, who think she’s just some kind of supermom who loves Jesus and “the children.”. On the other hand, the sheeple of this town are so addicted to their screens that they barely realize what’s going on around them, let alone who’s running for office to rule them. Thanks to the one party system, it is no longer possible for new blood to enter mainstream politics on any level. If an honest, knowledgeable person wants to run for office in this town, they better be part of the Club or they don’t stand a chance. No support from either the D’s or the R’s will be forthcoming.

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