Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 8, 2015

Jackie Annabi and Sue Serino are taking credit for Terry Gipson’s hard work!

Jackie is taking credit for all the work she did to get this Taconic Overpass project to progress since taking over as Sue Serino’s paid community liaison.

On August 16, 2013, I posted the following on this site:

Wednesday night, there was a meeting at the firehouse about a possible project for intersection modification at Pudding Street and the Taconic State Parkway. The meeting was arranged by our State Senator Terry Gipson, and included representatives from the NYSDOT.

If you have ever been at that intersection, you know it is difficult to get across, and school buses do it everyday.

Initially proposed years ago, when the recession hit, the project was delayed.

They explained how difficult the project is.  There are wetlands constraints, Taconic State Parkway considerations, state parklands, and endangered species.

There were 2 options proposed years ago, an overpass, closing parkway access, and an overpass with access.

At some point, the project was listed on the schedule as grade level improvements.  There is only a brief notation on that site.  I was concerned that they would do what they did at Hortontown Hill Road, and just cut off access at the median.  That kind of option was not discussed at this meeting.

At the schedule of road projects is listed, with the year for each step.  Once a project makes it onto their schedule, they are the ones who will try to coordinate funding sources.  They periodically take public comment, and will contact you if you ask to be on their email list.

The DOT is talking about a clover leaf.

Wendy wants to minimize the environmental impact, a laudable goal, but wants them to consider just an overpass.  I think that cutting off access to commuters who would have to travel on Peekskill Hollow Road and Wiccopee is a hardship.

Public input will be need on this.

For updates, “like” Terry Gipson NY on facebook, and put your email in to


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