Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 14, 2015

Irregular Meeting – February 2015

As expected and stated on the agenda, the Town Board approved that $14.5K proposal for Princeton Hydro’s Fred Lubnow to look at all the studies and propose a restoration plan for Lake Peekskill.  Bob-O was talking faster than JA to get through the meeting.  There was no discussion at all.  It was merely a formality.  Bob-O said that it was necessary, but that is an outright lie.  He also said that there were 2 lengthy discussions by the community.  The minutes are posted on the Lake Peekskill wordpress site.  They appropriately represent the confusion that has been expressed since the January 31 district meeting.  JA knows that there was dissent and confusion about this proposal.  We have to assume that she doesn’t care.  The others probably don’t know, and we have to assume that they also don’t care.  It seems that the only reason for the district meeting was for JA to deliver the vote.

A resident has supplied a plan, also posted on the Lake Peekskill wordpress site.  The low oxygen at deep levels and nutrient loading should be addressed come Spring if indeed Spring does come.  Perhaps some of us can present proposals on those.  Will anyone listen?

Aside from LP, Bob-O said that the Planning Federation Conference is required training.  It is not.  It is appropriate for the PB and ZBA members to go, so why lie about it?

He adjourned the meeting to go into executive session, but you are supposed to have an open meeting to go into executive session, but he has more interest in backroom discussions than in the law.

It’s only a 9 minute meeting, and it does illustrate well how your local government works, so you might want to watch it.

Adopt cats.  Save sea turtles.




  1. They no longer even bother to pretend that there is a real government in Put Valley. Go down to town hall and see all the slackers. The place is dead by 3 o’clock. Bully Bob will have his legacy, thanks to the criminal Leibell- an unnecessary, expensive, overblown addition that only serves to increase the size of the regime in power. Can anyone tell me why we have 80 something employees who are double dippers? That is, the get their pension and a generous salary? Why is it impossible to get a job working for this town unless you’re somebody’s relative or politically connected? Tendy has pretty much destroyed all of the work that was done by volunteers over the years and now he wants to move on to bigger and better things. This is only possible because most of the residents/ taxpayers of this town no longer give a damn about their government. They are pretty much hypnotized by their computer screens of all sizes. So easy to take the drug than to pay attention to what’s going on in the real world. All of us have to suffer. Too bad.

  2. The Lake Peekskill district meeting was well attended. The residents/taxpayers did care. Jackie told them that the Princeton Hydro plan would get them the necessary DEC permits (It will not). Bob-O said the district needed the plan. They either misstated or lied outright. The point was to deliver the $14.5K to Princeton Hydro.

    As far as hiring, I have said, for a long time, that we need a legitimate hiring practice. There is a deputy town clerk position coming that should be advertised, posted on the town website, resumes collected, and hired from the civil service eligible list. Family and friends hiring is an established tradition in the town, fully supported by the “ethics board.”

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