Posted by: Dawn Powell | January 31, 2015

Well, it has been decided

that Lake Peekskill will waste $14,500 on yet another study, this one from the folks who brought us the plan for a debris screen at Carreras Beach.  The pols can’t waste our money fast enough, this time sanctioned by about 40 people in attendance at the district meeting.

I had hoped that with the formation of a lake advisory committee, we would mover forward with recommendations from people who know something and have nothing invested in moving money into the political system. Really, I should know better.

And we will have Laberge come to talk about sewers, because the last $200K we spent on them wasn’t enough.  Maybe they can do another study for $300K and we can pay taxes for 5 years to pay those back.  Bob-O knows how to do that.  He has done it before.




  1. There were a lot of people at the meeting who admitted that they have never attended a meeting before and were trusting the people on the dais to know what they were talking about.

    • I’m not sure why the 2 residents were on the dais with Jackie, or why they were presenting anything. Some have said they thought that the contract was necessary for DEC approval, but that is untrue. There seems to be a lot of confusion.

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