Posted by: Dawn Powell | January 18, 2015

January 2015

Happy New Year!

Reorganization was mostly the same old, but with higher salaries.  As expected, Bob-O put the SPCA contract changes to dog control on the agenda as amendments to evade public comment and public scrutiny (or perhaps to surprise themselves).  Bob-O doesn’t allow comment at his reorgnization meetings and the contracts were not posted, so he and his deputy clearly didn’t want to hear what anyone else had to say. The contracts were signed on the 1st and 2nd, and approved on January 5.  No one from the Town Board commented or cared.  We have lost our town dog control position, and after 7 days, the dogs are moved out of town.  We are no longer no kill, and owner surrenders are not accepted.  The contracts are posted on  It is hard to know what the deal is with  the SPCA. All of their information has said that they are not dog control and they are a dog shelter. While there has been talk of sheltering at Holiday Tyme in Patterson, the 2 (intact) beagles went to Pets Alive. No information on where the pittie is or will go.

Bob-O gave one of his speeches about the public documents being available if you call Town Hall, and Eileen said they were posted on the website. For the reorganization meeting, they were not posted on the website, and no one is in the habit of posting documents with the minutes.  It takes quite awhile after the meeting for minutes to be posted anyway. That puts the public in the position of having to FOIL the documents after the fact, exactly what the law was intended to avoid. Documents are supposed to be available if they are discussed in public meetings. I can’t think of a reason why a district attorney wannabe would comply with the law.

The ambulance corps contract is month to month.  It has been for a long time now.  Because it is a contract, Bob-O doesn’t believe that he has to allow the public to know why.  He doesn’t believe that he has to let the public in on much.

The fire department contract is for $900K. The library contract is for $278K. That is a lot of money when you don’t have the service for more than a year.

For Lake Peekskill, the transfer station lease is $35K.

Nice tie, Louie.

And then, the irregular meeting, Bob-O managed to have a 16 minute, 48 second meeting, even with the pledge of allegiance, a State Senator Sue Serino spiel, and a Bob-O commercial for his Martin Luther King, Jr. speech.  He seems to have really missed the point on that one.

Ms. Serino is taking the very controversial step of setting up shop at the Putnam Valley Senior Center. The county has refused to share the facility with the town for any community use.  I guess it pays to be deeply politically entrenched.

Call her at 845-463-0840.

Jackie asked for an exec session for personnel and because she needed advice of counsel?  Huh?

Her comments on Lake Peekskill were most peculiar.  She wants the Princeton Hydro contract signed – $14.5K of LP’s money.  There was a civic association meeting held on a Saturday, unlike every other meeting in the past decade and a half.  Short notice, but apparently some people knew ahead of time.  It was billed as an opportunity to bring the weekend residents up to speed with what has been happening. So with no notice, no minutes, and no count of attendees, Jackie has decided that the community wants Princeton Hydro to do their study, and do it now.  Bob-O wanted to wait until after the district meeting, and he got this one right. Bob-O does know the difference between a civic association and a special district.  Jackie does not seem to, and she also does not seem to understand that she is not the head of the civic association.  In the not too distant past, she had decided that Lake Peekskill should move forward with the antique hypolimnetic system, defying all logic. Now it’s this study.

A read of the last report from Princeton Hydro, and from their last proposal for a debris screen for Carreras Beach illustrate why I think it would be a waste of money to sign this current contract.  That debris screen proposal cost us money, and it was absurd.  The new attorney to the town, Bill Florence, asked if it had already gone out to bid – A novel concept for this Town Board!  Somehow, it seems that some who attended the ad hoc civic association meeting got the impression that LP had to have the Princeton Hydro study to get DEC approval for a lake management plan.  Since Bob-O has been around for more than a decade, Wendy for 9 years, and Jackie for 5, and since Princeton Hydro has been on the job for even longer, and the lake has deteriorated this much under their watch, it really is time to change the direction for the residents and the lake.

Sherry Howard, full time Parks and Rec employee, was approved for a additional part time job at $27.02/hour to run the Sunset Series.

Have a thoughtful Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. There is work to do

Adopt cats. Save sea turtles.



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