Posted by: Dawn Powell | January 2, 2015

They have already done it.

The woman who would be Supe posted that SPCA is now dog control.  They have already picked up 2 beagles and a pittie who are already running out of time.  I have no idea where they are.

So the town created a new job, eliminated a job, closed the dog shelter, and contracted with a new agency without benefit of public meetings, public approval, public comment.  When the public commented anyway, they lied.  Backroom government, and all this when 4 of them are aspiring to run for office in 2015…



  1. Welcome to the brave new world of Put Valley, 2015. The most despicable, dysfunctional TB in the history of the town. We are stuck with lame duck BIC Tendy and the other 4 who never met a taxpayer’s dollar they didn’t want to spend. Nobody out there seems to care. Just keep watching those screens.

    • They have made it tough to care about the dog shelter, lying about it, or remaining mute. They did authorize 2 contracts last night, to hire Jill (SPCA) as dog control officer, and to contract for a shelter. We should be able to FOIL the contracts and see exactly what they are doing. Great communication from 2015 candidates. They also reassigned Patti to the building department. Clearly, they did not want feedback from the townsfolk. They didn’t even want us to know what they were doing. And they took the actions before they voted on them. Pretty strange behavior.

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