Posted by: Dawn Powell | January 1, 2015

Out with the old, in with the old..

“Regular” Town Board Meeting, December 17, 2014

The Board met in an executive session with Putnam Humane Society.  Does anyone know what it is that they are planning to do and when they are doing it?

Bob-O took the blame for hiring Bill Zutt, who is now retiring, and assigned blame to Mr. Zutt for recommending Peekskill GOP favorite, Bill Florence.

SamO is retiring.  He says that the Peekskill Hollow Road project is going forward, $7 million.  Has anyone seen the plans for the bridge?  Or for that matter, the drainage work at Oregon Corners?

SO says that there is a buyer for George’s SuperStation.

Harris Mandel and George Olsen are retiring from volunteer work at the library.  The library is open.  Use the vehicular bridge as a footbridge.

The board imposed a civil penalty against 2 homeowners, and apparently there is more of this unorthodox lack of due process planned. All board members voted for it.

They authorized an unbudgeted water test at the museum.

There was an announcement about plastic recycling in Lake Peekskill, and I think a letter going out.  It was confusing.  You can’t put the plastic in plastic bags? And no frozen food containers?  Is that even if they are the correct recycling numbers? And something about plastic caps? Was that just that they have to be removed from the bottles?  I know they don’t take Styrofoam packaging, even though they take Styrofoam.  And no shredded paper?

Hopefully it will become clearer.


PS. Bill Zutt wants the board to change the zoning code so that a veterinarian can rent at the blue building.



  1. What will it take to wake up the people of PV from their slumber? How high do our taxes have to go before they scream “uncle”? The Tendy Machine is running on auto pilot. It has been set up so well that you don’t even need the actual BIC Tendy- he has implanted the chips in his surrogate robots’ brains and they are all on auto-pilot. He will be able to control them from afar, wherever the next election takes him. And SamO never met an expenditure he didn’t like. None of these people even think of stopping the out of control spending- it just doesn’t occur to them. My prediction for the coming year? They will blow the already extravagant budget and 2016 will see a plus 10% increase.

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