Posted by: Dawn Powell | December 30, 2014

Agenda Documents for Re-organization?

As it is Tuesday, and tomorrow is a holiday, I am wondering if there will be any agenda documents posted for the reorganization meeting.  Since Patti is supposed to work in the building department on January 2, wouldn’t it seem that something would be in place before then, and the document would be publicly posted, and it would be an agenda item?

Are they ever planning to tell us what they are going to do when they take away our dog  shelter, and take lost dogs out of town to be euthanized?

Seems like they would have told us something by now.



  1. Besides you, me and maybe a couple of other people, who else cares what they do? It’s gotten that bad.

    • There are people who are upset about the Town Shelter. I don’t know that anyone on the Town Board cares, but they certainly have one to great lengths to keep it a secret. A lot of people recognize that dogs can get out and they really want a responsive local Dog Control Officer. I guess as of tomorrow they are SPCA dogs.

      • Glad to hear that at least they care about our beloved dogs. I am very worried about this whole SPCA fiasco.

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