Posted by: Dawn Powell | December 23, 2014

The odd O thing

At dispute this time is the concept of proxies at committee meetings.  On a 14 member committee, O wants to have proxies so that things will go his way.  I want one man, one vote as outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order. O doesn’t even think he can get 8 people in a room to vote for him.

Back when Dr. Beals ran, I do remember how offended O was to have a competitor.  My issue was O’s undying support of Vinnie Leibell, right up until Leibell was indicted.  And also, there was his deciding vote for term limits for everyone else but himself.  So, he got to serve 18 years, while he voted to have everyone else serve 15.

It’s ironic that he is threatening me if I support a Republican when he has been such a staunch supporter of Republicans in the past.

Absurd that he threatening me because of my support of Dr. Beals, when I wasn’t even on the Dem committee  I guess he wants to purge the town of any Democrats who vote for, or speak in favor of Republicans – the thought police..  Or maybe he just wants to be rid of any of us who won’t vote for him.



  1. Here’s the political truth as I see it. SamO is invincible. There’s nobody out there that can beat him in the upcoming supervisor’s race, even Tendy/ BIC should he have chosen not to run for DA. The people of this town LOVE SamO- he’s their idea of a great and trusted public servant. After all, he has never worked in the private sector that I know of and despite never having his own business, he assures them that a brew pub is the best possible use for the toxic former Super George site. Plus- all those students and parents who he worked with while at the school, love him even more if that’s possible. Sam has done everything right, politically speaking. He can’t help it, he’s a politician and that’s what they do.

    You think that ditz brain Jackie will even come close to beating him? Think again. Tendy’s arrogance has rubbed off on her, but she doesn’t have the brain power to go up against a guy like SamO. Why do you think she’s running from the safety of her current seat on the Board? Just like her buddy, the snake Whetsel. They like the power and the $$ so don’t risk anything.

    Sorry to have to be so cynical, but I think this is how it’s going to play out. I predict Sam will win this election and every other election and will remain supervisor till he’s ready to retire for good. There are no term limits to stop him.

    • I hear you. I was really hoping for a kinder, gentler Town Hall. If O is already threatening me because I think Robert’s Rules should be followed and because I supported Dr. Beals for County Legislator, then really he is just another bully, Bob-O with hair and an earring. O has allied himself with the Republican llama guy, who in his quest for world domination has changed his party registration. Since Louie and McKay have changed theirs, I suppose they will be the Republican candidates. Four men with deeply held beliefs…. So I suppose we are looking at the same old, with SO at the helm. SOSO – a campaign slogan! I just hate to feel hopeless in December….

      • When I look at the cast of characters who inhabit town hall, I feel hopeless all year round, not just on Christmas Eve!

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