Posted by: Dawn Powell | December 17, 2014

The December irregular meeting

Tonight was Bill Zutt’s last Putnam Valley Town Board meeting.  They authorized the contract with Bill Florence.

The board was doing that rather odd civil penalty imposition against a property owner.  It did seem that there was no due process.  They discussed it at the irregular meeting.  Seems like a bad precedent.

On the Wood St. project, the east of Hudson phosphorus removal project for the whole county,  we get to pay for the paving, and for the maintenance, 31K +.  Isn’t the project to allow everyone to pass on their phosphorus removal?

The town is at another Teamsters impasse….




  1. There’s another really big issue, another 800 lb. gorilla in the room that nobody ever seems to talk about and most people seem to have forgotten, namely, the Lovers Lane Bridge. Am I the only one who wonders why it has been closed for nearly a decade? I started doing some research and found out through FOIL that the bridge was closed during the administration of Sam Davis. Work was done to do the repairs, get the DEC permits, etc. but the process dragged on and it ended up in BIC’s (aka Tendy) lap and he apparently was the last one to try and file the necessary papers to get the bridge fixed. Turned out it was going to cost- drum roll please- a whopping $300,000 to repair the bridge and make the lives of PV’s drivers ever so much easier.

    Never one to give a rat’s ass about the actual people who elected him, Tendy decided that was way too much money to spend on a lousy bridge when he needed every penny he could get to enlarge his orifice and legacy to the taxpayers, namely the Tendy Annex to Town Hall.

    Of course, like everything else in contemporary Put Valley- nobody seems to notice or care. Just keep raising those taxes and don’t take away my screen, no sir.

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