Posted by: Dawn Powell | December 6, 2014

Want to see a change in town government?

2015 will be the year.  Two Town Board seats will be up for election, Town Supervisor, Town Clerk and Town Justice, so if you want to run, the time is ripe.  Mr. McKay and Mr. Luongo’s terms will be up and Mr. Tendy.  Get involved.  Run for office!



  1. My prognostication:

    Whetsel vs. Oliverio in the Democratic primary for supervisor (Mackay will consider running for supervisor but, instead, will run for re-election to the Town Board). Winner of Democratic primary: Oliverio.

    Annabi will be the GOP nominee for supervisor (she will not be primaried). In November, Sam O. defeats Annabi in a close election.

    More. Because of his insulting demeanor toward others (e.g., Patty Villanova), his obsequiousness toward Tendy, and his eagerness to bust the tax cap, Mackay has pissed off a lot of voters, including many Democrats. He will be primaried by Dawn Powell, and will lose. Dawn will defeat Robert Cinque in November and be elected to the Town Board.

    I have no feel as to whether Luongo will win re-election (or will even run again).

    Bonus pick: Levy defeats Tendy in DA race. As a result, Tendy will hold no public office as of January 2016 (pop the corks).

    Whistling Willie

  2. News to me. I don’t think there is any way that Wendy would primary SamO. McKay has irritated a lot of people. I don’t think he plans to remain a Dem or run as a Dem. Bob Cinque???? Really????

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