Posted by: Dawn Powell | December 6, 2014

Lake Peekskill district meeting

About 30 people in attendance.  Bob-O ran the meeting.  Jackie Annabi was in attendance.

Bob-O wants someone to run his political event, Family Day, and his longtime political associate, Jeanne Gallinger can no longer do it.

The hypolimnetic system was never approved by the DEC so it cannot be rebuilt, so Bob-O will hire his choice, Princeton Hydro, limnologist Fred Lubnow to study the problem because he can’t spend too much of Lake Peekskill’s money, and he hasn’t been in office long enough to understand what the problem is, and he hasn’t read any of the CSLAP reports from all the years the lake has been studied.

Bob-O will hand over rental of the community center to Lake Peekskill if they have volunteers to do it.  I am wondering if we are making very little money, and the residents are being bothered by the events, perhaps we should look at using it as a community center.

Bill Florence, of City of Peekskill GOP fame, will be the next attorney to the town.

Really gray out there.


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