Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 27, 2014

the Town Board giving on Thanksgiving Day – more on the dog shelter

Back when the whole Ken Ross – SPCA conversation started, the Board went on and on about giving the SPCA authority to enforce town code regarding animal control when he was here about cruelty complaints.  Now that we are looking at state and town code, it seems that he already had the authority to enforce town code.  It was listed in the town code on dogs, before the change, that peace officers could enforce  the town code.  The SPCA officers are considered to be peace officers by state law.  They can enforce town code regarding dogs anywhere in the state actually. Mr. Ross kept saying that he was a peace officer back then.

So, before the discussion in 2013 about the SPCA, the townsfolk could already call the SPCA or the Sheriff about dog complaints 24/7 when Patti was not available after her part time dog control officer hours.  We were already covered 24/7.  We have  been for a long time.  The law didn’t need to be rewritten.  I admit that I didn’t read through the law and code, and foolishly believed what all of them were saying, and that I should have known better.  But why didn’t they read it, and why didn’t they know better?  Why didn’t any of them know better?  Not even one.

A whole, foolish process for nothing at all. I was surprised to find this out.  Ya just gotta read the law and the code.

So now, we know that we don’t need to contract with the SPCA for 24 hour protection.  But we are required to have a dog control officer if we have a pound.  And we haven’t voted not to have a pound.  So why would we contract with the SPCA for a dog officer, when we already have one, and we don’t gain anything by doing that.  Jill may be a lovely woman and very competent, but don’t we already have someone good?  I think we do.  And since the animal people cooperate with each other, why not stick with what works, and work on what doesn’t?

So why was that whole show put on and what is behind this new show to “save the taxpayers” money?

The Board?  They could be Congressman couldn’t they.

Adopt cats. Save sea turtles. And a turkey.


So why was that whole show put on and what is behind this new show to “save the taxpayers” money?



  1. I find your back-and-forth commentary on animal control and animal cruelty (two different matters) very confusing.

    Please tell us:
    1) Who to contact regarding a loose dog.
    2) Who to contact regarding cruelty to an animal.

    Please indicate name and contact information for each person. Also, indicate who to contact during evening and weekend hours.

    Whistling Willie

    • Me????? Ask Bob-O! 222-0980
      I’ve been trying for weeks to get a straight story out of the Town Board. Jackie is the only one who is talking and Bob-O doesn’t agree with what she is saying. I’m not the one mixing and matching.

      Or call SPCA 520-6915.

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