Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 25, 2014

Kent Dog Control

So the town will contract with the SPCA who will contract with this person to provide services and with a boarding place in Patterson to provide shelter?  Seems convoluted.  So if you see a dog, and Jill is working for Kent, which town gets priority, and doesn’t the town need an agreement with Kent to share their dog officer, or does contracting with an entity which doesn’t provide dog control give them immunity?  If your dog gets out, if the dog gets picked up, that dog will go to Patterson?

Four members of the Board are working on their election campaigns, and they get rid of our dog control officer and override the tax cap as a kick-off?  Makes Mr. O a shoo-in, doesn’t it?

Dog Control Officer

Jill Gianfransico : 845-200-9756

When calling please leave your name, phone number and a brief message.

The Local Law concerning dogs provides that all dogs must receive rabies shots and be legally licensed by the age of four months. An owner must leash his dog if off the property and the dog must be under the control of a responsible person.

Loud or incessant barking is considered a nuisance. Harrassment by a dog is also a violation.

All dogs must have adequate shelter, food and water. Female dogs in heat must be confined in a protective enclosure on the confines of the owner.

The enforcement of the local law is achieved though the observation of the violation by the authorities or through the deposition on the complaint before the Dog Officer and Town Justice.

Dog bites must be reported to the Dog Control Officer because of the danger of rabies.



  1. So we are contracting with the SPCA of Putnam who has assigned the Kent Dog Officer as our contact for reporting animal cruelty and loose dogs as well. So is this woman going to house the dogs in the PV shelter for a certain time and then she is going to move them directly to Patterson. Again, Is the shelter is Patterson a no kill shelter? I am confused again. I thought we were employing an armed individual male (named Ken perhaps) who is a contract worker through the SPCA.
    I have to stop following town report and if I have a dog complaint I’ll call the district clerk for help. I always call that number anyway when in doubt about anything regarding the town. They must love me.
    Have a good day, Dawn.

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