Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 21, 2014

Wed Town Board – 11-20-14

The fire department saved some dogs in Lake Peekskill when the homeowners were out!  Yay!

And speaking of dogs, the dog shelter.  The Town Board, somewhere in the backroom, has decided to contract with the SPCA for dog control.  That, in and of itself, is offensive enough.  There was a proposal from Putnam Humane Society also, but our town government believes that everything they do is not subject to public scrutiny.  And our new armed dog officer, Ken Ross, also does not believe in letting the public know what he is doing.  Great for a new public officer.

I had inquired about where it says in the law that a town can contract with an outside agency for dog control. Mr. Ross told me that he did not know.  That’s a terrific start.  Mr. Zutt did not address the issue.  He says that we only get a public referendum if the shelter is being demolished.  That makes a lot of sense.

Mr. Zutt did not have the contract that the Board has already decided on in the backroom.  It is not as if I have not been talking about this for weeks.  Bob-O tells us why this is necessary because of 1 dog, Darla.  Poor soul..  Who knows what will happen to her now?  Bob-O just wants to be rid of her.  Jackie says that dogs will be held in Putnam Valley for 10 days.  Bob-O says they are closing the shelter and that the dogs will be held at the SPCA shelter for 8 days.  There is no SPCA shelter.  And the dog boarder who they use is located in Patterson.

I have FOILed the proposals, so if I get them, I will let you know what they are actually doing.

Thank you to Jackie Annabi for the discussion.  No one else would have addressed my concerns.  Bob-O didn’t even see a need to say anything at all about my comment.

Bob-O was angry at the suggestion that he not get his raise.  He says that he has never had a raise.  That’s not true.  I’m not sure why he really wants a raise, since he is hoping that Adam Levy will resign, and he will ascend to that position.  He was an ADA for a few years when he got out of law school back in the late 80’s, after a brief stint as a teacher, and a few other odd jobs, and so he thinks he should be DA.  His main reason is that a man who was acquitted on a serious criminal offense was a friend of the current DA.  He continues to talk about the allegations against the man, ignoring the acquittal.  Then he went on about the need to keep campaigns positive.  Such disregard for the law.

If you think this guy deserves your vote, watch the public hearing.

Wendy voted to override the tax cap, but both women voted against the budget.

They are appointing a special prosecutor for a case for which both judges are also recused.  The case will go out of town.

Bob-O says that the controversial children’s center salaries and personnel appointments are public record, but nothing was posted, so they have to be FOIL’ed if you want to find out what they were talking about.

Civil penalty discussion was odd.  I thought that building department violations went to court. No?  They are remedied by the building department, then penalties are assessed by the Town Board?

Steve McKay thinks that whoever is there next year should do a better job of finding out what is going on with the town contractors – ambulance, fire, library, etc.

Bob-O adjourned the meeting before going into his backroom meeting.  You would think that if he wants to be DA he would get these minor legal details straight by now.  Sloppy is just what we want to see in the DA’s office.





  1. Hi!
    Patti Smith here just to let everyone know that the shelter will be empty as of january 1st 2015 I have found homes for all the dogs there including Darla! I refuse to let her be taken somewhere strange to her and since I know her so well she has come to live with me….Welcome home Darla!
    No dogs left behind 🙂

    • Yay! There are those two nine year old dogs still looking for shelter….

      I keep hoping the Town Board will get it that you should be our Dog Control Officer, but they seem hopeless.

      Thank you Patti.

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