Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 18, 2014

Dog Control Contract – The Law?

Where is the law that says we can contract out our dog control requirement?

If there are two proposals, and a budget to be voted on tomorrow night, why won’t anyone talk about them?  Are the two proposals separate or together?

Someone keeps asking me if there is a proposal, would that then have to go out to bid?

Doesn’t the public budget process require that the Board has to publicly disclose what their plan is and what they are intending to spend on it?

Why the secrecy?

budgeting for?



    I read 113 through 115 of Article 7. This does not address the issue of the town’s population having to have consensus for any of the actions of the elected and appointed officials regarding dog control. I believe it does say that the town has the authority to contract with other municipalities for this service. I personally got a charge out of Paragraph 115 and the laws ability to vacuate fiscal integrity.

    • Our right to vote on it is referenced in Town Law which is a different section of New York State Law. It is posted somewhere here.

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