Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 17, 2014

Town Board Wed night – Euthanizing the Dog Shelter

The Town Board will hold their “regular” meeting on Wed. night to override the tax cap.  They just can’t think where else to cut the budget.  They will then pass their budget, which you can read on the town website.

Prior to that they will hold a public hearing on that budget.  But regardless of what you say, they will pass that budget on Wed.

They will finally deign to discuss getting rid of the dog shelter publicly.  Their plans are already in place before bothering to discuss it with the public, and they will tell you why you don’t get a referendum, and why they don’t care what you have to say or rather why they know better than you do.  They will go around in circles that are pre-arranged.  They needed to get their story straight before letting the public in on the scheme.

I have to say that this time around I have seen evasion the likes of which I have never seen before.  I sent in public comment 2 weeks ago, to everyone.  Then, I updated it last week.  It was never entered into the record.  And I asked for public discussion.   Jackie says she will read it in this week, but so what.  They have already scheduled the vote, and clearly they do not care what the public has to say about this.  They don’t even want to let them in on the scheme.

For an unresponsive, backroom board, they have outdone themselves.

I have to thank Jackie for communicating.  That is more than any of the others have done, a great deal more.

You will lose the shelter.  You will lose local dog control.

And your taxes are going up.


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