Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 11, 2014

Budget Public Hearing Wed., Nov. 12 at 6PM

You can send your comments in if you can’t get to the meeting. 6PM is a bit early.

For Lake Peekskill, there is the garbage issue, that Bob-O does not want to deal with. We have a new truck. It cost the community a lot of money. Now is the time to find out how much it would cost us to dump our garbage in Peekskill, instead of leasing the Orlando property on Kramers Pond Rd. and paying for compaction and removal presumably from AAA. They should put as much time into this as they have put into the dog shelter scheme or the hypolimnetic research.

And then, there is the dog shelter issue. They have decided to eliminate the part time dog control officer in favor of having armed SPCA dog control, removing dogs from Putnam Valley, and carting them off to Patterson, where their future will no longer be of concern to us. I do understand that neither Bob-O or Jackie are “dog people,” but some of the rest of us are. This arrangement has no positives for any of us, and it isn’t any cheaper. Ms. Annabi told me that they have not signed a contract, but since it is what they are budgeting, it clearly is their plan.

They can always take the money from the persecution of the Cornus and give it to Darla and Wally. What a waste that has been, and nobody is better off.

I’m sure that there are other issues. I’m not sure that anyone is listening.


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