Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 6, 2014

Tax and Spend Pols

While we are debating whether or not we can feed little Wally, the town board felt the need to spend more of our hard earned money filing a notice of appeal on the last court decision on the Cornu house that went against them.  As with Mr. Sant, never say die when it is the taxpayers’ money flying out the window.  The issue was whether or not Mrs. Cornu who does not own the property should be kept in the never ending Tendy litigation.  The town should have let her out of it without spending more money or causing her to spend more money.  But they didn’t.  And now that they have lost, they are not taking it honorably.

When they spend our money, they are supposed to make public decisions.  I’ve watched the meetings, and I didn’t hear anything about this case, or even an announcement of an exec session on this case, where an illegal decision could have been made behind closed doors.

They should have to reimburse the taxpayers for the money they have wasted on this Tendy vendetta.



  1. It is so much worse than even what you’ve written. IF JACKIE ANNABI IS READING THIS BLOG, you need to step up to the plate and stop being such a Tendy sycophant (look up the word if you have to). After the latest decision by the “Town” (meaning “Tendy”) to appeal Judge Grossman’s decision, I filed a FOIL request to determine when the decision was made to authorize Lusardi to file the appeal and to pay for said appeal. I was told in response to my FOIL that there was NO meeting nor any records of any meeting regarding this authorization. So it appears that they are admitting this is being done UNILATERALLY by the supervisor,without any input from the other 4 board members. NOTE TO WENDY WEASEL – YOU ARE A TOTAL DISGRACE, A COWARD, A FRAUD AND A LIAR. You told Cathy you were going to try and help her. WTF happened?? Why don’t you answer your emails or phone calls? You are not fit for office and neither are our colleagues. You all should be impeached.

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