Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 5, 2014

Ms. Annabi’s response re: the dog shelter

I respectfully disagree, but I am grateful for the response.

Dear Dawn:

Thank you for your comments in regards to our animal shelter.

Our shelter is not being closed. We are considering contracting with the Putnam County SPCA for a 24/7 dog control position, Patty, will then be reassigned to the building department.

When a dog is found, the dog will be taken to our shelter for the first 10 days. Hopefully the owner recovers the dog by then. After 10 days, it is usually the case that the dog has been abandoned. After the initial 10 days the dog will be taken to the SPCA shelter, a No kill shelter.

Currently we have dogs, such as my favorite, Wally, who have been in our shelter for over 10 years, with no hope of adoption. In addition to not being adopted, the costs of feeding, vet costs and general care of the dogs is paid by the town.

Under the new contract, the costs after the initial 10 days will be paid by the SPCA.

I hope this explains my reasoning. In these tough times we have to find ways to cut the burden on the tax payer, without taking away services. A fine line to walk these days.

Thank you again.



  1. Excellent post and I am in total agreement. We have way too many cops running around PV these days, in fact on any given day we have Sheriff’s deputies and State police who are very visible. PV is not a crime ridden town and is probably one of the safest places in NY or even the US. For the most part, I try to avoid any contact with these guys as it is always more trouble than it’s worth. THey are not what I call “user friendly.”

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