Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 4, 2014

I Want Our Town Dog Shelter

I think that there are good reasons to continue our dog shelter and to have our own dog control officer.  I believe that is what the people in town want.  I believe that this should have been a subject for public discussion, not Bob-O’s backroom meeting.  If you listen to the October Town Board meeting, clearly there is no understanding of open meetings law and executive sessions.  And doesn’t state law say that we have to have a referendum to close the shelter?  Why not ask us what we want?

It was a discouraging meeting.  The only Board member who was interested in decreasing the size of the 2015 budget was Jackie Annabi, and no one was willing to help her out on that.  She doesn’t want to increase the museum budget, and she wants to look into dumping Lake Peekskill garbage at the Peekskill transfer station.  Bob-O wants to protect AAA’s contract, and the Orlando contract for the transfer station.  He should have done this as soon as we got the new garbage truck.  But the Lake Peekskill taxpayers have never been a priority for him.  The new finance director said, about the Lake Peekskill residents, “They preferred it to be this way.”  Yep, we want to pay more for our garbage disposal than anyone else in town.  Louie said it’s a future consideration, but did not disclose his family affiliation with the contract holder.  I don’t care if he’s not recused, just please disclose.  That never happens with this board.

Bob-O won’t look into it because he doesn’t want to do it.  He doesn’t care what the community wants, or whether it would save us money.  He never does.

Jackie also wanted to discuss the dog control debacle (my word, not hers), but no one else did.

Bob-O gave an explanation up front for why he didn’t want to stay within the cap.  He wants to build up the fund balance, so that when he (or some future king) has to stay within the cap so that taxpayers can get their rebate checks, they will have the money in fund balance.  The check wasn’t so impressive that I want to wait for the future benefit.

Bob-O says the museum is our sense of identity, and so there should be a raise in the director salary.  He made an off-hand remark about the church, not his first.

And as always, he find the increases to be de minimus (his word, not mine).  He always does.

Steve McKay said to Bob-O, “I serve at your pleasure.”

There was another improperly announced executive session on contractual and personnel matters.  Please Jackie, look at the open meetings law.  It’s copied a couple of posts down.  You do seem to be the only one who cares about it.


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