Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 28, 2014

Secret Meetings & Dogs

You have to figure that when public officials are discussing public topics in the back room, they are up to no good.

It seems to me that animal control and garbage are the biggest issues in town, and the ones that the public wants handled by the town.  Does anyone besides them want to get rid of dog control?  Does anyone besides them want to get rid of Wally? – other than finding him a home.

So why is this their new initiative?  I have no problem with Putnam Humane Society, but it is not nearby, and responses to problems will be much slower.  This is a service that many residents want to have provided by the town.

Why, if the town was considering this brilliant scheme (don’t they all seem like brilliant schemes?), weren’t they brave enough to talk to the public about it?  Why slink behind closed doors and hide what they are doing?

from NYS law- does this mean anything?

§ 326. Erection and discontinuance of pounds. Whenever the electors of
any  town  shall  determine  at a biennial town election to erect one or
more pounds therein, and whenever a pound shall now be  erected  in  any
town,  the  same  shall  be  kept  under  the  care  and  direction of a
pound-master, to be appointed for that purpose. The electors of any town
may, at a biennial town election, discontinue any pounds therein.


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