Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 28, 2014

Management, Elected Officials 2% in current budget posted

Except for facilities management which I could not find broken out in the posted budget.

I also looked for the dates set for overriding the tax cap, and the budgets, and I couldn’t find the notices on the website.  If anyone else has seen those dates, please let me know.

The 2% in the title is what Bob-O.  As you see, it is not accurate.

Marie Angelico is the replacement for Marianne DeSantis.  She was hired for a new job title at the beginning of the year at $40K.  I didn’t see any sign of a new job created, and I did not see any advertising for Marianne’s job.  At the irregular meeting, Ms. Angelico was given a raise, pro-rated for the rest of the year to $45K.  Next year, she is being given a raise to $60,776.

No Town Board raises.  No Deputy Supe raise.  There is a 6.68% increase in the Supe office, but the salaries are not broken out, so we don’t know how that is allocated.

Bob-O 2%, as Supe $74,999, as budget office $7800

Assessor 1.98%  $62,715

Town Clerk 1.96% to $69,060 + registrar 1.9% to $786 + tax receiver 55.34% to $7587 and as records management 2.94% to $3500

Special Legal Counsel last year was $39948

Videographer 2.01% $59,619

Webmaster $7260

Dog Control under their new scheme $15,000, down 42% but contractual up 382.26 to $22K, nothing for the building and we don’t have our local dog control officer.

Inspector $53,570, + fire inspector up 2% to $5411 +gas up 2% to $3060.  I didn’t see pump station custodian.  I will have to go look for that.

Highway Supe up 3.92% to $85,924

Recreation up 1.99% to $73,978

Children’s Center Administration up 3.07% to $74,866.  This department is listed differently from other salaries, so I am not sure that this is salary.

Still a few questions.


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