Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 24, 2014

Budget Work Session – 10/8/14

I can’t recommend watching these meetings enough, though I still find his talking to the camera a bit creepy.

Bob-O’s tentative 8.3% increase.

My favorite quote was Bob-O telling Wendy that, “These are not property taxes.  These are town taxes.”  Nobody called him on it.  I’m not sure he knows how all this stuff works.

I wanted to kiss Joe Hertelendy for saying that they should look into the cost of the Peekskill transfer station for Lake Peekskill’s garbage instead of the contract for the Orlando transfer station on Kramers Pond Road. I’ve been complaining since they dumped that entire cost on Lake Peekskill.  It used to be shared by all the districts, but it’s been awhile. Regarding the cost comparison, Bob-O said, “I wish I knew the answer but I don’t.”  What has this guy been doing for the last decade.  It is not as if this topic hasn’t been mentioned at district meetings for years now. Bill Zutt wants us to pay the Orlandos a small option if we don’t renew.

As an attorney, Bob-O wants to give the Town Justices 5% raises.  Town Justice is up for election every 4 years, and Louis DiCarlo’s seat is up next year.  Why don’t we see if we have any candidates next year, then decide.  They want to give management 2% increases.  Bob-O’s arithmetic was way off when he talked about how much Larry’s paycheck would increase.  You’d think after this many years of handling the budget, he could figure that out.

Bob-O wants $2K to train everyone in ethics.  He says it is required by law.  He didn’t mention that it is his law, so it can be changed.

I wish they would tell us what is going on with dog control.  There is no way that it is an executive session topic, but they refer to it, and won’t come clean.

There was no mention of Bob-O’s building projects.  Perhaps we could stay within the cap if we didn’t give away office space, but he needs $30K for the roof at Town Hall, and $9200 for the ac.  More of Bob-O’s unpredictable expenses.

At the regular, irregular meeting, there were more emergency expenses at the museum.  Ever notice how they are always emergency expenses with Bob-O?  He said that there have been no repairs for 2 decades.  That’s not quite accurate, but wouldn’t you think an old building would need maintenance.  Bob-O thinks it is just another expenditure we have no control over.  This one was $6980.

They had an improperly announced exec session on personnel, contractual, and to interview attorneys to replace Bill Zutt.  Can’t wait. The suspense….


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