Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 12, 2014

The Tax and Spend Republicans

are going to set a public hearing on Wednesday night to override the tax cap….

Definitely worth a glance.     [It seems to be gone. I was trying to see if Bob-O gave himself that raise, and couldn’t find any info about it.]



  1. Not for anything, but would it make BIC, Jackie, Louie, et al any more palatable if they had a “D” or some other letter after their names? We live in a post-political town- the problem is the people that get elected to office are not in it for public service. They all have the same virus that they catch once they’re in office. The name of the virus is “it’s so easy to spend other people’s money.” Where else would someone like Louie Luongo pick up $12 grand a year plus benefits for doing virtually nothing? Same goes for Jackie. Most residents seem to be under the illusion that the people who work at town hall are getting minimum wages when nothing could be further from the truth. Get a job with the town and never have to work again.

  2. Your point is well taken about D’s and R’s and I do actually listen to the candidates rather than the parties. In point of fact, two of them do have D’s after their names. It was merely a twist on a catchy phrase. I do however think that the electorate should look at this budget with an 8.3% town tax increase. When you use the highway budget to lower your tax increase, something is wrong.

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