Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 3, 2014

Why would we want to waive a fee for Homeland Towers?

On Wednesday, at the Town Board irregular meeting/

6:00 P.M.

Work Session on Tentative Town/Highway 2015 Budget


1. Request to Waive Building Permit Renewal Fee-Homeland Towers
2. Accept Official Notice of Retirement-M. DeSantis
3. Review of 10/15/2014 Town Board Meeting


  1. What is Homeland Towers? As usual with this disgusting bunch, money is no object. Sorry to see DeSantis retire, she was one of the few competent employees left at town hall. I imagine her replacement will be someone who has no qualifications other than being a stooge for the TB who will keep their mouth shut and do as they’re told. It all seems so hopeless.

  2. Homeland Towers is the new ATT cell tower on Piano Mountain. Even though our code allows for and encourages colocation, the other tower needed repair, and Bill Zutt didn’t want to make Homeland Towers wait. So there is another scar up there. They need to renew their building permit, and someone doesn’t think they should have to pay for it. I can’t imagine why.

    Congratulations to Marianne. She has had a full time understudy since the beginning of the year, with no job search for that job, so I would imagine that is who will replace her.

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