Posted by: Dawn Powell | September 23, 2014

Odd view of the law.

Bob-O cautioned Michael Bennett for posting announcements of events in Putnam Valley on because he could be liable for something or other, but he failed to see that he exposed the town and the DOH to lawsuits from his lackluster performance in informing Lake Peekskill residents about the blue-green algae, and the high toxins from that algae.  The county Department of Health takes the position that they inform the town and the town lets the rest of us know.

Mr. Bennett is providing a service for which some see a need. Perhaps Bob-O would consider providing the service that is his responsibility as a public official.

Thank you to Roseanne Walsh for pointing out that most of the residents of Lake Peekskill do not want to pay nearly $15K for another study of the problem.

And thank you to Susan Midlarsky for  pointing out that there are other solutions. Bob-O’s response was a bit ingenuous, in that he has evaded any solutions for a decade.

I am wondering about the decision to start lowering the lake on October 1, as blue-green algae persists in drinking water despite treatment, and I wouldn’t think anyone would want to spread this water around.

Adopt cats.  Stop petition fraud.  Save sea turtles.



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