Posted by: Dawn Powell | September 21, 2014

TB Work Session – September 2014

Bob-O is back so the exec session was not properly announced.

On the Leibell Wing, Bob-O felt the need to say that he is not looking for larger office space with his $800Kor so project.  Of course not.  He is looking for a different office.  He wants Adam Levy’s.  Perish the thought!

Bob-O did say in the very beginning of this that it would cost a lot more money than Vinnie was sending him, but we could bond the rest.  Now he wants to push it through because Town Hall is so in need of office space, but we just gave away surplus office space to the NYS Troopers because we had too much, so I’m confused.  It says in the agreement with the Troopers that we have surplus office space. Can someone explain to me why we gave away office space if we are “crushed” for space?

Jackie and Louie have a modular guy in mind to build the addition cheaper, so they want t go out to bid, so their guy can come in with a deal.  I have never seen Louie so animated at ta Town Board meeting.  He really wants to hire his guy.

I would need to believe that digitization, consolidation, and competence wouldn’t improve things before this addition would be something I would want to pay for.  Of course, they really don’t care what the taxpayers think.

Bob-O was talking about a new bond (actually a bond anticipation note) they want for equipment for the highway department – $200K.  When questioned, he said that it is part of the equipment renewal schedule for the highway department.   Huh?  There is an equipment renewal schedule?  Has anyone ever seen it?  Has the Town Board ever seen it?  When these BANs and BAN renewals come before them, it always seems like a surprise.  Shouldn’t it all be in one place, so everyone knows what equipment will need replacing, what bonds will need renewing, and when?

The Historical Society “emergency” oil tank work cost $20,734.

Bob-O wants to stick Lake Peekskill for a lot of money to remove the building that housed the aqueduct connection for the defunct Lake Peekskill seasonal water system.    At the time, the Town Board voted to keep the connection and to eliminate the district but to keep the defunct district responsible.  Funny how LP always gets stuck with Bob-O’s bills.

And speaking of getting stuck with Bob-O’s bills, they are sending him to a finance course, even though he is leaving because…… well I don’t know why.  Because it looks good on his resume?

And they are sending his to a Pataki breakfast because he doesn’t want to pay for his political events and that is the way it is done in Putnam County.  He didn’t say all of that but he said he always goes, and he’s tired of paying for himself.  Of course, they are not paying.  We are.

And LP’s cost for garbage removed from the transfer station is $82.50/ton.  AAA was the only bidder. .

Adopt cats. Stamp out petitions fraud.  Save sea turtles.



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