Posted by: Dawn Powell | September 3, 2014

August “work session” 2014 – Putnam Valley Town Board

An exec session was announced for the SPCA contract, a personnel matter and WJ Holding litigation. I don’t believe that the personnel announcement was adequate, but Jackie certainly did better than Bob-O has done in a decade.

$9k for the fireworks for Town Day. Mostly they seem content with Entergy buying advertising for $5K to offset that cost. Who cares about public health and safety as long as we have fireworks? For those who are too new in town to know, the county legislature did not approve the emergency evacuation plan for Indian Point. One man, Robert Bondi did that.

The historic society building – who would expect an antique building to need repair? Emergency foundation work for $7330 was not budgeted. Wendy wants to get a grant. For the foundation work, the oil tanks have to be removed, and they found contaminated soil, so nobody knows what the remediation costs will be.

They authorized more of those large specialty camp salaries, but Jackie says the town is hosting those camps, not paying for them. So then why are they authorizing them? It all seems a bit odd, but I have too many projects right now to FOIL those contracts if there were contracts. Was there an authorization to sign contracts? I hope somebody else picks up this one. It would be nice to know what is going on.

They are going out to bid on the transfer station and compaction at the Orlando property. This is borne by Lake Peekskill alone now. Perhaps we should take our garbage somewhere else now that we have a new truck.

Rich Quaglietta was appointed as the interim building inspector. Someone suggested that he was doing the course work and had to take the test, and that the whole resume gathering process was merely a way of the town delaying his appointment until he is qualified. Can he be interim building inspector without having passed all the building inspector coursework and tests? Didn’t we have this conversation when John Landi was appointed?

The town is signing a contract with the county for e-waste collection. The start date is Dec. 2013…

BZ talked about the underwater land law that he proposed – that land underwater would not be counted toward lot calculations. He cited a Piermont case where the judge decided that land under a pond would be counted. It is the Ottingers that I remember. Land under the Sound was counted.

Quite astounding that there was no mention of Lake Peekskill at this work session. I would have thought that an algae bloom with high toxins in a populous area of town would be a hot topic. They use the beach and the community center, but they don’t care to communicate about this public health issue. Again, who cares about public health and safety – let’s party. The “discussion” of water quality at the lake was on the “regular” meeting agenda.

Adopt cats. Save sea turtles. Stamp out petition fraud.




  1. Many thanks for posting this. I am in the process of filing a FOIL request for the Parks & Rec info about the camp expenses. The head honcho, Frank DiMarco, has been unwilling and/or unable to coherently respond to my numerous questions about these expenditures. In fact, I have never seen such double talk from any town employee that I’ve corresponded with. Talk about deliberately obtuse! Thanks to Dear Leader Tendy, it is now considered acceptable standard operating procedure for town employees to refuse to give basic information about their departments unless a formal FOIL request is submitted. The man who wants to be DA is more concerned with the letter of the law rather than its spirit or what is commonly called “ethics.”

    Sadly the sheeple who inhabit this town couldn’t care less about their taxes or their government. So the rest of us have to suffer under this regime, the most loathsome group in the history of Put Valley.

  2. Michael- based on the research I’ve done this summer, I can tell you that you have every reason to be confused as I think that’s what the policy is for Parks & Rec. Frank DiMarco administers a huge budget, over a million dollars, with virtual autonomy and no accountability to the elected officials, not that they care how our money is spent. It’s a huge flim flam as they claim that the money is mostly reimbursed by the people who use the services. P&R is basically running a huge baby sitting and job placement service. They run a daycare center for working parents so that they have a place to leave their kids before and after school. They run camps at the CYO property which the town pays to rent. There are literally hundreds of employees that are supposedly overseen by Di Marco & Co. and a great many of them are relatives of town employees as I have reported previously.

    Once again, Tendy and the TB have no problem with nepotism including that includes long time P&R employee Sherry Howard having 2 daughters on the payroll. One of them, Kelly Howard, has a no show job at the Museum where she makes over $10,000 a year for I’m not sure what, other than running a crappy once a year holiday boutique.that I am no longer allowed to participate in since I started investigating her position and the taxpayer funded Museum that is now undergoing expensive repairs because Ms. Howard never realized that every building, especially an old one, needs regular maintenance.

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