Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 21, 2014

Lake Peekskill 8/20/14 Town Board Meeting

Ms. Annabi was sitting in for Bob-O, who doesn’t seem to care much about LP unless he is having his party, or spending our money. So he didn’t show. And on the subject of blue-green algae in Lake Peekskill, he has been oddly silent.

Ms. Annabi amended the agenda to put the Princeton Hydro report near the beginning of the meeting. She skimmed it and made some inaccurate statements about it. It is available on hard copy at Town Hall. I can email it to you. There is a summary of it on the Lake Peekskill facebook page. And you can request the full report on email from the District Clerk, Judy Travis. If you have questions about what it means, ask. I can explain it. Sam Davis can. Agnes and Candace Powe. And Judy Travis. On the Save Lake Peekskill page, Jack Mosel can explain it.

It is a limnologist’s report, and worth reading, but still it is a test from 7/22/14. No further updates were provided.

As of today, the lake has green scum floating, so it doesn’t look like there has been improvement.

But back to the town board meeting, as part of that discussion, a resident, Andrea O’Brien, expressed concern over the lack of prompt notification, and also about drinking water concerns, and septic concerns. Then the meeting proceeded.

When they got to the subject of Lake Peekskill, they talked about speed bumps, and told us once again that we cannot have them. Tim Barnes talked about the kind of experiences he has had on Northway. Gordon Murray talked about his experiences on Tanglewylde. Ms. Annabi wants to increase signage. She reiterated that there is only one Deputy handling the area, and that he cannot only patrol Lake Peekskill.

An aside on enforcement, not covered at the meeting, there have been several recent break-ins, one of them near me. Yesterday, there was an arrest.

Larry Cobb, our Highway Superintendent, and a Lake Peekskill resident, suggested that we lower the speed limit.

Then we got to the agenda item on the water quality discussion. Ms. Annabi was going to keep going, feeling that her summary of the report and Ms. O’Brien’s comment were adequate. I said, “That’s it?” A discussion followed of communication and solutions. Ms. Annabi believed that they had done all they could to communicate about the situation. I disagreed. I don’t expect that to get better anytime soon.

Ms. Annabi feels that she can’t discuss possible solutions with us. She doesn’t think aeration is the solution. She mentioned some kind of tablets that she wants to put in the lake.

It is time to FOIL for correspondence from the DEC and BOH. The official town response was less than reassuring.

The entire discussion may be viewed on the website as soon as posted, today or tomorrow.

Adopt cats. Save sea turtles. Stamp out petition fraud.




  1. Putnam Valley woman charged with circulating forged petitions for Tendy and Annabi. This deserves a discussion thread of its own.

    Whistling Willie

  2. Sorry, didn’t notice the date. This is old news.

    Whistling Willie

  3. Not really. The court date is 9/8. But the Tendy/Annabi petitions, places on the ballot, current offices, “they didn’t know,” the DA race, the lack of media attention, and the official reactions are relevant discussion, worth a thread.

  4. It is truly amazing that someone with Jackie’s limited intellectual capacity has been able to get to the position she now holds. Utterly inept, incompetent and lacking in even the most basic social skills, she’s a complete airhead who has no idea what she’s doing. Keep in mind that she is Tendy’s hand picked heir apparent. The BIC knows that he can keep control as long as his puppet is “in charge.” When are the people of this town going to wake up and take an interest in what goes on here? I’ve never seen such apathy.

  5. I know someone who has a substantial investment in LP – properties worth several hundred grand. When I mentioned the present situation with the lake, i.e. that it is a dying lake, unswimmable, no fish, etc. the per son said that she did not care if people couldn’t swim in the lake because she felt they were paying too much for lifeguards and matrons. Try as I might to make the argument that a beautiful lake adds thousands of dollars to the value of a home, she would not budge from this “penny wise and pound foolish” position. As I listened to this totally uninformed individual, it was hard for me to believe that that this was someone who had lived in LP almost her whole life and who should know better than anyone what the truth is.

    It is very discouraging to think that this person’s viewpoint might be the new majority in LP- let the lake die to save a few pennies. Meanwhile, never question where the rest of the bloated budget is going.

    • I hope that it is not the general sentiment and I hope that there will be discussion with the community about our options. It did not seem so at that meeting, and this regime hasn’t bothered in the past.

  6. I think it is imperative for those LP residents who care about the lake and understand its value, to get together and demand that the town officials do what needs to be done, what the experts have told you to do to save the lake. You cannot rely on the Muniaks,Olsens, et al who are mostly out of touch and out of mind. These people are no longer leaders and they still bask in the glow of some imagined past glory that never existed. You need to take action, get together a small strong group, even if only 3 or 4 people, and start to bombard the board with your demands. Contact the scientists who had the best solutions, get them to write letters following up with their work. I don’t know what else to suggest, but if you guys don’t do something, I have no doubt Lake Peekskill will reach of point of no return. If the lake dies and you are stuck with a smelly swamp that is unusable, you won’t be able to give away your homes when you want to sell.

    it will also be a blight on the whole town.

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